Dry Eye Spa Treatment

In-office treatments are the most effective way to open your oily tear ducts, remove bacteria, and get the tears flowing. Our Moisture Eyes Dry Eye Spa treatments are very effective in treating chronic eyelid inflammation and dry eyes, and prevent damage to the oily tear glands from being plugged. Your eyes will be more comfortable, whiter, lids less puffy, and vision more stable


We can improve tear flow naturally by opening up tear glands that get clogged up with age, the same way pores on your face get clogged up. Treat yourself to a spa for your eyes at our MoisturEyes Dry Eye Spa. Other options include using Artificial tears, nutritional supplements, punctal plugs, medication, and warm compresses. Our treatment goals are to alleviate your symptoms, and to prevent or reverse ocular surface damage that may cause a deterioration of vision. 


We Treat Tired, Dry, and Red Eyes at our MoisturEyes Spa

If you suffer from any of the symptoms from the dry eye assessment, do yourself a favor and let us pamper you at our MoisturEyes Dry Eye Spa. We provide a relaxing and comfortable eye spa treatment to get your oily tear glands unplugged so that the tears can flow to moisturize and nourish your eyes. This will help your eyes look whiter, feel better, and be healthier.


Please call our office if you would like to schedule a dry eye evaluation and consultation. (323) 954-5800


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